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Below, you'll find samples across several different niches. I encourage you to look at samples that are both in your niche and unrelated, to see how I vary voice, tone, and "hype-level" for different clients and markets. I have many more samples available beyond what's below. Feel free to email me at dan (at) realsalescopy (dot) com for more information.
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson

First... A Few Quick Words from my Clients!

Daniel has been invaluable to my business. His copy has helped generate millions of dollars in my business over the last few years, and I still use his sales letter as my control to this day. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
Jordan Gray, Dating Coach for Men & Women
We have worked with Daniel several years now. He has written several sales video scripts and emails for us, and every single time we've had a positive ROI. Daniel is extremely professional, always delivers on time, and has amazing attention to detail. But most importantly, his copy SELLS!"
Alex Berezowski, CEO of Insspira Inc.
Working with Daniel over the years has always yielded great copy and creative brainstorming. Daniel has a knack for taking a hook and exploring every angle to it. We authored a letter that was Top 10 for Health Offers on Clickbank, as well as some high-converting email sequences. I highly recommend working with him if you can!
Jon Benson, Creator of 3xVSL and CopyPro.
Daniel is someone you can always rely on to get the job done right. I've had the pleasure of working with him on several projects, and I can confidently say that he's the real deal. He has an exceptional ability to craft ideas that are not only interesting and persuasive but also deliver tangible results. In fact, I've witnessed first hand Daniel write a sales letter for me that generated a 6-figure return in one year! He truly is the person you can always count on to deliver exceptional work, even under pressure. Thanks, Daniel!
AJ Kumar, CEO of Limitless, Inc.
Your Facebook Ad matched my all-time winner, so this is a huge win for us.
Jordan Gray, Dating Coach for Men & Women
So this is going to inflate your ego, but I was revisiting the copy you wrote for TrafficResearch and it's still years later, REALLY good. Fucking nailed it.
Eric L., SEO Expert, Consultant, & Speaker
Your copy makes me want to lick the page.
Luba Evans, Master NLP Coach and Retreat Leader
I want my clients to feel about me the way your ad made me feel about you.
Carmen Rosenzweig, CMO of Dynamic Web, North America, Inc.
Money, Business, & Internet Marketing
App Empire Book by Chad Mureta
The copy and video script (which I wrote and supplied visual plans for), created $2 million revenue on launch and helped make it a bestseller.
Josh Flagg Realtor Training Masterclass
Salesletter for Josh Flagg, star of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo for his special training class for real estate agents.
Neil Patel 'Crazy Egg' Software Membership
This is a webinar script created for Neil Patel.
relationships, Dating & Personal Development
Jordan Gray - Inside the Male Mind
Video Salesletter Script for Women on how to understand the men in their life, so they can either stop being single, or stop worrying about their relationship
Mike Fiore (Chris Haddad) - Text Your Ex Back
I was hired here to beat Chris Haddad's conversion rate for this product. I only succeeded in "tying" the sales rate, so it not a technical success. However, matching conversion rates with one of the top copywriters in the world makes this worth sharing as a sample
David Tian - INVINCIBLE Men's Dating Course
Video Salesletter for a High-End Men's Dating Course. Instead of being recorded, the script was simply placed on the page in text, leading to significantly higher conversions.
Jordan Gray - Supercharge Your Sex Life
Video Salesletter Script for a Men's Sexual Performance Course. Dramatically raised conversions once new video was put on old sales page
Gabrielle Moore's Sexual Skills Courses
A ton of fully produced, successful video salesletters and written salespages for Gabrielle Moore's many programs.
Health, Beauty, & Supplements
VigRX Plus - Men's Sexual Supplement
Video Salesletter Script for VigRx Plus - The powerful, doctor recommended supplement for men who want to gain control over their erections and sexual performance.
HGH Supplement Emails
Affiliate Emails for Men's List to promote natural, safe 
HGH-boosting supplement.
OptiMind Emails
Brain-enhancing supplement ecommerce emails. 
15 Minute Weight Loss VSL
Brainwave Entrainment program for helping to lose weight. 
Kimberly Snyder - Glowing Lean System
Kimberly Snyder, bestselling author of "The Beauty Detox Secret," commissioned this VSL to sell her full video course on creating radiant health with natural eating.
Uskin Vitamin C Serum
Video Salesletter Script for Woman's Product for Younger Skin & Clearing Wrinkles
Many more samples are available on request.
If you have a specific niche and are curious for what related projects I may have worked on, please feel free to contact me at dan (at)
Any Questions? Email Me at dan (at) realsalescopy (dot) com