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Lower Costs Per Click/Sale/Ad, and the Highest Conversion Rates Of Your Sales Material Ever
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Welcome to Real Sales Copy. Here you can find out about me, get a look at some samples, and start thinking about what kind of sales presentation you want for your business. The best way to figure out what you want is simply to get on a Skype Call with me where we can figure out the best marketing strategy for you.
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
How I am I different from eVERY

There are a lot of copywriters you can choose from. A lot of them are cheaper. Some are more famous (and more expensive) and have huge social media followings. Why choose me?

Below I'll give you a list of some differences:
  • 7-Figure Launches: I have been involved in several of them, both as a video-salesletter (VSL) writer and email set writer. So at the very least, I have been trusted with (and succeeded in) helping companies make millions of dollars within a week's time.
  • Flawless with Deadlines: You will get what was promised, when it was promised. Deadlines are guaranteed.
  • Mentored by the best: My personal mentors include Chris Haddad, Jon Benson, and Robert Gibson from John Carlton's Team.
  • Top Ten Clickbank Health VSL Writer
  • Certified 3x VSL Copywriter and Coach Under Jon Benson: One of only 20 copywriters with the title in the world
  • Rock Solid Integrity: I stick to the truth and make it very compelling. (If you need someone to lie and make a lot of overblown promises in their copy, that's not me.
  • Excellent with platform compliance: Facebook, Google, and other strict compliance standards do not scare me. I help people even in the "trouble niches" thrive on there.
  • Multiple Styles of Voicing: View my samples to see how different tone and voice can get for different products. I can write as a man, as a woman, as a spiritual devotee, and as a bitter skeptic. Whatever your voice is, I can capture it.
  • Protects Your Brand: A lot of copywriters will say "whatever gets the sale" with no regard for your brand or your long-term reputation. I always keep in mind your long term goals and make sure that what I write for you is something you'll be comfortable with say, "Yep, that was us!" five or ten years down the road.
How Payment works
Almost all projects are paid on a per-item basis. This means that if I work with you on a Video Salesletter (VSL), sales page, landing page, set of emails, or banner ads, we will agree on a set payment for each item or group of items.

How much does each item cost?

That depends on the niche, how much research is involved, and a host of other factors.

Payment is either done up-front at a discount, or in split payment for full price

How to get a discount
Want to pay less for your salescopy? Here are some pointers:
  • Be Exceptionally Easy to Work With: It goes a long way
  • Pay for Your Copy Up Front. That often saves you 10-20% of your fee right away. You'll get your copy just as fast, and it's usually better than when split payment is used. Having payment out of the way frees up creative juices and just makes everything move more smoothly and quickly
  • Send Referrals: Both during and after the project. It may not affect the initial fee, but for future projects, I'll definitely remember it.  
what you get from Real Sales Copy
On the fence about getting professional sales copy period? Here are some thoughts.


It's simple math. Raising your conversion rate will lead to more revenue, and more take-home pay for you.


I write to bring you your best possible customer. Imagine having friendly, enthusiastic, kind customers who only want to buy more. Complaints and refunds go down.


With higher sales rates, you have the reedom to scale your business beyond what you had ever imagined. This is how businesses go from 5-figures to 6, and 6-figures to 7.


Save money on your ads and other business expenses. Ad cost goes down with high click-throughs (and you can afford more ads for more sales).


Knowing you always get your copy on time and at top quality makes the rest of your business life so much easier. Deadlines are guaranteed for your peace of mind.


Having yourself or less-qualified employees do sales copy sucks up human resources. Let your staff do what they do, and free yourself for growing your business (or simply spending time with your family).